Welp, I guess I’m done with this.  I wanted to draw Nao from the graphic novel “The Nao of Brown” so pow-chick-ow there she is.  I don’t like her eye, but I love her jacket.

If I may plug that book for a sentence or two, “The Nao of Brown” is the most beautifully illustrated graphic novel I have ever seen.  Holy shit, Glyn Dillon, you draw things well.  And I think you have as much of a hard-on for the color red as I do.  I tried to emulate his style a bit here, but pfft.  I’m not that good yet, plus I don’t know if you can make something look like water colors outside of water colors.  

Do yourselves a favor and look at pages from this book.  The story might not be for everyone, but the art sure is.  Google Image it.  Nao.


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